Machinery Transport

When handling any type of electric motor, any necessary movement must be done carefully, avoiding any kind of impact. Otherwise, the bearings present in the machines may be damaged, in the same way as the eye bolts, if they are exposed to excessive stresses and may lead to possible breakage of the eyes. Electric motors have several devices that have as their main purpose, to ensure their efficient operation.

The elements responsible for the locking of the shaft, normally used for preservation during the transport process, in the case of motors having roller bearings or angular contact, must be used for any locomotion of the engine, even if this factor requires the decoupling Of the driven machine.

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All engines with these characteristics, regardless of the type of bearing you get, will need to keep your rotor carefully locked in the process of transportation. Vertical motors containing oil lubricated bearings need to be moved in an upright position. If you need to transport the engine in a horizontal position, use the axle locking device on the front and rear sides of the respective machine.