Electric motor has two devices that take care of starting

The starting of the electric motor can be classified as direct or indirect, but starting from the protective devices are fuses and thermal relay may be connected in series with each motor phase, as they provide greater security the connection and the use of electric motor when it will hold the activity in which it is intended.

The fuse which is connected to the electric motor MagPowr DFP-2 Dancer/Follower Position is a metal which has a known melting temperature, but is protected inside a radome which can be made of glass or insulating plastics material. When the fuse is too hot, the metal melts and so the passage of electric current is interrupted and thus the electric motor phase is protected.

The thermal relay is sensitive to temperature increase and it deforms if the electric motor becomes heated in excess. The thermal relay can be reused and this makes it very advantageous because it has high durability.