Battery installed in the electric bicycle motor

Battery installed in the electric bicycle motor must be of the sealed type, as they are free of periodic maintenance

An electric bike not only works with the help of batteries, but are batteries that are responsible for making the electric motor to operate. Still, in addition to the batteries and the electric motor, the electric bike has some components for operation are: electric motor, Battery pack, electronic throttle, electronic controller I also get the name of drive and battery charger that can be 110 or 220 volts.

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For the electric motor to work, it needs batteries. The more batteries used in electric motor are the batteries of lead acid because they are more affordable than Lithium Ion.

The batteries that are placed on the electric motor bicycle is of the sealed type and therefore they need not be subjected to placement of distilled water or any other product.

The voltage of the electric motor battery is always in the region of 12 volts, but who will determine the amount of batteries used in electric bicycle is the electric motor voltage.