Month: July 2016

Learn about how often parts of the electric motor should be checked or changed

The electric motor should be inspected periodically and adjustments that are necessary should be made so that the electric motor always operates at high levels of performance and performance as regular maintenance only increase the durability of the electric motor.

The electric engine oil should be checked every use, exchanged in the first month or after ten hours of use and replaced every five months or 50 hours of use. The electric engine air filter should be checked every use and cleaned every three months or 25 hours of use. The screws and nuts should be tightened whenever need be.

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Palettes of forced cooling of the electric motor system should be checked every 5 months or 50 hours of use. The spark plug in turn must be cleaned and adjusted every five months or 50 hours of use.

The valves must be cleaned every two years or 200 hours of use, the clutch shoes should be checked every five months or 50 hours of use, the fuel tank should be cleaned once a year or after 100 hours of use and clean fuel only every two years.