Electric motor correct check

The electric motor must be in perfect working order so that it can offer its main function is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, for it is necessary that the responsible for this machine cares for details of maintenance and checks to be made programmatically.


There are several ways to check the electric motor and you can start checking the outside of the engine to have knowledge about how are the pieces, painting and even the dirt present in the engine. This part is important and allows you to find a defect. The second part is to check the motor nameplate.

The check also involves the conference check the bearings. It is very common that different faults in electric motors are derived from bearing failures and so it is important to care about this issue, there are other details that can be part of the check.

Electric motor installed in damp places must have electric heaters for indoor always remain warm

The electric motor is designed to operate in environments that present conditions considered normal ABNT NBR 17094 and these ideal conditions are: temperature from 0 to 40 degrees; altitude up to 1000 meters above sea level, and also lack of atmosphere and materials that are dangerous or aggressive.

If some of those considered normal conditions no longer exist, the situation should be analyzed so that the best electric motor is chosen for such a situation.

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To combat water accumulation problem inside the electric motor because it go too long without being operated will need electric heaters are installed inside the electric motor, as well the temperature on the inside of the electric motor will always be higher than the temperature external.

Resistance should come into operation only when the electric motor is off, because then the electric motor will remain heated and free from moisture penetration.

Electric motor types

It’s not news to anyone that there are several types of electric motors. The evolution of this machine has enabled the creation of these different types and variations. One of the most widely used is the AC motor, but there are also others that will be presented below.

The two most common types of electric motors are direct current and that the alternating current. Each works in a way and is suitable for specific purposes. While direct current models are more expensive, the AC has a more affordable price, but it is always good to research prices before buying.

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This machine is very important and plays a key role. She can make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, and it can give movement to the process, which is also a very important factor. Efficiency and economy have always been important issues in the use of these machines.

Electric motor has two devices that take care of starting

The starting of the electric motor can be classified as direct or indirect, but starting from the protective devices are fuses and thermal relay may be connected in series with each motor phase, as they provide greater security the connection and the use of electric motor when it will hold the activity in which it is intended.

The fuse which is connected to the electric motor MagPowr DFP-2 Dancer/Follower Position is a metal which has a known melting temperature, but is protected inside a radome which can be made of glass or insulating plastics material. When the fuse is too hot, the metal melts and so the passage of electric current is interrupted and thus the electric motor phase is protected.

The thermal relay is sensitive to temperature increase and it deforms if the electric motor becomes heated in excess. The thermal relay can be reused and this makes it very advantageous because it has high durability.

Electric motor must have high performance at its rated voltage

The electric motor design has been developed to provide the best performance at its rated voltage. When operating in the lower nominal voltage, the electric motor is more reduced sharply as the motor torque produced when there is abnormal heating of the windings and this results in energy expenditure.


When voltage is applied above the nominal, it causes the electric motor has its impaired operation and this causes electric motor has increased its losses, mainly iron.

Typically, the electric motor has a voltage range that is great to be operated, but it varies depending on the type of electric motor and also of its power.

The voltage to be applied should be discovered when the electric motor is activated when the machine is operating at full capacity and habituation. Industries that operate at low voltage, if the voltage is far below normal meant that can be caused by excessive drops in the cables that power the electric motor.